Internet Tips

Counters, trackers and log analyzers for your web page



    A tracker is usually an extended version of the counter concept. It will not only keep an on going count, but it will record other related information such as date/time, originating IP address, operating system and browser version that caused the hit. Most trackers also have a separate log reports generator, so that you can analyze data recorded by the tracker. Unlike counters, most trackers does not have a counter display; in other words they may not display the actual ongoing count on the web page.

Unlike counters and trackers, log analyzers depend on web server logs to gather necessary information to generate usage statistics. There's no need to paste any special code on to your pages when using this type of program, because the web server that's serving your pages, images, applets, etc., is automatically recording this information in the background. A log analyzer would simply import this information from web server logs according to a user specified timeframe to generate reports.